What is Orienteering?

Often described as “The Thinking Sport”, Orienteering is a navigation game or sport that takes place in parks, cities and forests all over the world. A detailed map and compass are used to locate markers that have been placed throughout a park or other area.

How does it work?

The most essential component of orienteering is “staying on the map” -- knowing where you are at all times. We teach the basic elements of map-reading and compass use. Participants (teams or individuals) use a highly-detailed map to navigate to locations, where they’ll find a numbered flag and use a special “punch” to prove they visited the site.

Our events are highly flexible to accommodate a wide variety of skill levels and age ranges. Great for recreational or competitive outings. Participants can tackle the course in small teams or individually.

We can work with your group to create an experience that’s right for you!

Experience Orienteering!

             A combination of mental and physical exercise, 

          wrapped up in a fun, outdoor adventure!

Group Outings for:

    1. *Corporate Teams

    2. *Schools

    3. *Scout troops

    4. *Family Reunions

    5. *Birthday Parties


Benefits of Orienteering

Learning map-reading and navigation helps to build a variety of skills that support critical thinking -- Learning spatial relationships, problem-solving, developing and following through with a plan.

Participants experience increased awareness of their surroundings. Successfully navigating to a location supports independence and a sense of accomplishment.

Add to that the experience of being outdoors and gaining an appreciation of the natural environment.

Orienteering is good for the mind and body!